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kyotaa's Journal

18 May 1994
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My name is: Like i would tell potential Pedo's...No offence to anyone.

Age: 13

Current placement: In a computer chair.

Where i live: In a box when i feel like it.

Girl or boy?: A girl, duh. i wouldn't be so awsome if i wasn't. XP

usual emotion: Ditsy, very ditsy.

Yes, i was once a blonde. No, i am not anymore! I dyed my hair black.....Talent on a scale 1-10 for writting: 4

Talent for drawing: 7

Other talent's: Singing, typoing, and annoying my brother...and anyone i feel like, for that matter.

I am: A novice for writting, pretty learned for drawing in certain area's.

I get: Confused easily, and if you insult me i most likely will not comprehend it unless it is blatent. i get hyper very easily.

I love: Music, Art, Anime, manga, Kamikaze kaitou Jeanne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Air the 1000 Summer, EdXWinry, MaronXChiaki, Romance, Applesuace, Pickles, and Whipped cream. i also love anything at all japanese, although i am not.

I am: Still new at this, so i will be asking for help...if i can figure out how to ask for help.

Note: Just to warn y'all, when i start a story, i usually don't finish it. So if you really like my work (Which i doubt you would), dun' complain if i don't update. Jus' reda the oneshots then.
chi/hideki, chiaki/maron, daisuki/riku, ed/winry, finn/acces, hakouro/eruru, kenshin/kaoru, lucia/kaito, sakura/saoran, takuto/mitsuki